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EkoFond, non-investment fund of SPP

The non-investment fund EkoFond was established by SPP in 2007 to meet the European

Union's energy efficiency policy. The Fund is dedicated to all non-business entities, with the primary target group being mainly public-funded bodies and bodies involved in publicly beneficial activities, such as schools, hospitals, social and humanitarian organizations or civil societies. EkoFond is focused on the grant support of projects aimed at improving the parameters of energy efficiency and the environment. Another area of ​​activity is cooperation on partner projects that are in line with the purpose of EkoFond and the implementation of own fund projects aimed at supporting the education process in primary and secondary schools, in the form of competitions for elementary schools, multimedia platform for energy of 3rd millennium, web games, initiation of establishment of a new study department - Technician of energy building equipment. To find out more about EkoFond programs and projects, visit the website.

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