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Public-service activities


Along with Nadácia SPP, we have been long supporting the top Slovak athletes and young talents. In reference to our successful cooperation with the Slovak Paralympic Committee spanning more than 16 years, in 2020 we also became the main partner of the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee (SOSC). As the main partner of SOSC and the general partner of the Slovak Paralympic Team TOKIO 2020, we have supported the development of talents among top athletes, successful Paralympians, the programmes organised for young athletes associated in the Junior Olympic Team. We are also cooperating in the preparation of events such as ‘PARADE 2020’, ‘Engage in Sports, Slovakia’ and ‘The Olympic Festival’.

The cooperation with SOSC comes with supporting other large sports bodies, such as the Slovak Ice Hockey Association, Slovak Football Association, Slovak Tennis Association, Slovak Handball Association, Slovak Basketball Association and the Slovak Karate Association.

We have thus become not only a leader on the Slovak energy market, but also a leader in supporting the Slovak sports community, by which we promote spreading Slovakia’s good name in the world.




SPPravmeTo (Let’s do it with SPP) Grant Programme

In April 2018, we announced the new grant programme SPPravmeTo (Let’s do it with SPP) in cooperation with Nadácia SPP. This programme aims to motivate the children and young people between 6 and 19 years of age to develop an active life style, social and physical skills, and to support their mutual relationships.

The schools, leisure centres, as well as cities and municipalities had the opportunity to submit projects focused on enhancing leisure time for children and young people. From among all submitted projects meeting the programme’s conditions published at website, the jury selected 45 most beautiful projects in Slovakia that received a total support of EUR 40 000.

For the full list of supported projects, please visit


Let’s Renovate Our House Grant Programme

Along with Nadácia SPP, we have engaged in preserving the historical heritage in individual regions of Slovakia for more than 10 years. By partnering with the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic under their Let’s Renovate Our House grant programme, we have been actively involved in preserving and restoring the national cultural monuments in our country.

Since 2004, SPP and Nadácia SPP have jointly contributed from our budget more than EUR 16 million to the “Let’s Renovate Our House” programme. These funds were used to save and preserve more than 250 national cultural monuments throughout Slovakia. Some of them are even classified as the World Heritage Sites.

In 2013, SPP successfully defended for the eighth time its first spot in the TOP Corporate Philanthropist List compiled every year by the Donors Forum. We received this award mainly thanks to activities of both our own non-investment fund – EkoFond and Nadácia SPP.


SPPoločne Partnership Community-Benefit Programme

A total of 206 projects worth EUR 1 240 000 were implemented as part of our successful community-benefit programme SPPoločne, which was announced for the first time by SPP and Nadácia SPP in 2012. The program was based on providing assistance to specific people and communities in all regions of Slovakia striving to improve things in many areas that directly affect them.

The decision-making and voting on the most beneficial project were entrusted to the hands of general public. People who care about their region, the environment they live in, their community and its needs. The financial subsidies were provided in the SPPoločne for People category to the most beneficial projects in the field of culture and sports. The projects aimed at the development of environmental education and improvement of environmental conditions were supported in the SPPoločne for Homeland category.

As transparency was of key importance to us in the SPPoločne programme, it was a voting public that decided on the winners. In total, more than 600 000 people took part in the online public vote. Please visit for full results.

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