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Slovak Gas Museum

For more than 20 years, the Slovak Gas Museum has been mapping the history of the Slovak gas industry.


Everything started with the exhibition "In the Light of Gas Lamp" in 1992, which was created in cooperation with the Historical Museum of the Slovak National Museum. Several decades-long collecting activities of Pavel Hrádek and other former employees of the Bratislava gasworks, thanks to which many period exhibits were preserved, were followed by the establishment of the Gas Museum. The museum was founded by the Slovak gas industry state enterprise in March 1996 at the 140th anniversary of the establishment of the gas industry in Slovakia. Enthusiasts of gas history in Slovakia have recently visited the Gas Museum. Since 2007, this exhibition museum with more than four hundred exhibits is called the Slovak Gas Museum.


The first gas plant on the territory of today's Slovak Republic for the production of town gas was founded in 1856 in Bratislava, today's Kollárovský náměstí, which provided lighting for the city. Eighty years later, a new gas plant was built in the Mlynské Nivy. And it was in the part of the complex of preserved buildings of this gas plant in 1936 that the Gas Museum was built. Later on, other gas generators were added to the production of town gas in Košice (1868), Banská Štiavnica (1880), Nitra (1891), Trnava (1900), Komárno (1901), Nové Zámky (1902) and Novomeste nad Váhom (1909). They served for the local use of town gas (the gas produced by combustion of charcoal).

What to see in the museum

The museum is divided into several expositions. The History Pavilion is dedicated to the history of town gas. The Procurator's Office gives an opportunity to look into the contemporary atmosphere of the most important factory official in the gasworks from the early 20th century. The laboratory exhibition completes a picture of the operational reliability of town gas production. The museum collects documentary material in photographs, period papers, literature, gas magazines and videos. Pavilion of the present days is expanding the collection of exhibits documented by gas installations for the extraction, transportation, conditioning and utilization of natural gas. Due to its size and limited space of exhibition, exhibits of the Pavilion are documented through models. At the end of 2010, the Exterior Exhibition was added to the museum with a collection of 18 historically valuable gas facilities with real dimensions. At the beginning of 2013, the reconstruction of the whole street lighting complex was completed, representing two rare replicas of gas street lamps - the Prague type and the SUGG from the end of the 19th century.


On the occasion of the European Cultural Heritage Days in Slovakia in September 1997, the Museum of Natural Gas earned an important award. The Slovak National Museum and the National Monument and Landscape Center of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic granted SPP the Annual Award of 1996 for the exhibition and construction of the Gas Museum. 

From the Chronicle of Visits

Over the past 22 years, more than 48,000 visitors have been introduced to the gas industry since its beginning to the present day thanks to a very professional guide. Visitors could see for themselves how the light gas lamp worked and could write their feelings and experience to the chronicle.

We are looking forward to your visit.

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