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We follow quality and transparency

In selecting our suppliers we care about quality and transparency. We seek to deliver high-level services to all customers not only today but also to future generations. Therefore we make the same demands on our suppliers.

The Procurement section provides for the goods, services and works for the needs of the core croup of „Slovenský plynárenský priemysel“ applying procedures of the public procurement as set out by the Act 25/2006 Coll. on public procurement and on amendment of certain acts (hereinafter only Public procurement act) or procurement methods of non public purchasing in accordance with the Commercial code as well as other applicable regulations.

Business public tenders

Selection of a contractual partner in cases when procurement of goods, services and works is not subject to the Public Procurement Act is governed by provisions of the Commercial code 513/1991 in its full wording as well as by applicable internal regulations of the company.

Over-limit public procurement

Procurement of goods, services and works related to the main business activity of a company is governed by the Act 25/2006 Coll. on public procurement and on amendment of certain acts in its applicable wording.

Notices used in public procurement are published in the Official Journal of the European Union as well as in the Journal of Public Procurement.

Profile of the contracting entity

Pursuant to § 22 sec.2 of the Public procurement act the profile of a contracting entity will include regular information announcements, information on calls for bids, information on reasons of cancellation of the applied procedure in launching a specific tender as well as other general information.

Qualification of suppliers

Qualification of suppliers

The company „Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s.“ , within the framework of the core group of SPP (SPP, a.s., eustream, a.s. and SPP – distribúcia, a.s.), has introduced a system of evaluation of suppliers, which also includes internal assessment within the process of their management according to predefined criteria. The system of evaluation of suppliers has been designed for legal entities or physical persons authorized to supply goods, deliver services or implement works interested in gaining the status of a qualified supplier of SPP, a.s.

General business conditions

A contract establishment is subject to agreement of the contractor and customer under the defined general business conditions.

General business conditions

General terms and conditions for the completion of works
General terms and conditions for the purchase of goods

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