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Capital participation of SPP

SPP core subsidiaries

SPP Infrastructure, a. s.

Mlynské nivy 44/a, Bratislava 825 11, Slovakia
IČO: 47 228 709

SPP CZ, a.s.

Nové sady 996/25, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
IČO: 284 88 016

SPP CNG, s. r. o.

Mlynské nivy 44/a, Bratislava 825 11, Slovakia
IČO: 47 552 549

ESCO Slovensko, a. s.

Mlynské nivy 4956/42, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovenská republika
IČO:  52 963 659


Nadácia SPP

ul. Mlynské nivy 44/b, 825 11 Bratislava, Slovakia
Registration number of the foundation: 203/Na-2002/689
Main business activities:
SPP, a. s. company grants financial help for charitable and philanthropic projects through the “Nadácia SPP” Foundation

EkoFond, n.f.

Mlynské nivy 44/a, 825 11 Bratislava, Slovakia
Company ID (IČO): 37924770
Purposes of the fund:
The purpose of the fund is to pool money for beneficial purposes in the areas of environmental protection and management as well as health protection, education and promotion.

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