What does “Čistá energia” (Clean Energy) mean in relation to SPP products and services?

In order to function, the human society generally requires energy, which is available in several forms. However, to protect the environment, we should make every effort to ensure that the energy we use has as little negative impact on it as possible. The energy with the lowest impact on the environment is the one that is not consumed at all.

Therefore, actively reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and using more sustainable solutions also outside the energy sector are key to environmental protection. At the same time, we should use renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, water, or geothermal energy as much as possible when producing energy. However, even when using renewable resources, it is necessary to proceed in such a way that their construction and operation burden the environment as little as possible. You can read more about impact of SPP’s activities on environment and about our plans in the development of energy production from renewable sources in the SPP Sustainability Reports published in the Sustainability and Transparency section.

As part of the SPP communication, we use the phrase “Čistá energia” (Clean energy) with not only, but also the aim of promoting our activities, products and services related to the reduction of energy consumption or the production and supply of energy from renewable sources. These are, for example, activities related to measures to reduce energy consumption or spreading awareness of more sustainable solutions (not only in energy), motivating customers to reduce energy consumption, and supporting the use of renewable energy sources. These are also other activities supporting, for example, the planting of trees in the protected areas of Slovakia. In some cases, these activities can also be associated with the services we provide to customers, for example Uhlíková stopka, Čistá elektrina (i.e. electricity from RES), Ecofee or the development of roof photovoltaic power plants at schools.

SPP communication using the phrase “Čistá energia” (Clean energy) is never associated with the promotion of natural gas supply or electricity supply that was not produced from renewable sources.

The supply of natural gas is the supply of fossil fuel, and you can find more information about its impact on the environment in the Environmental Protection section. Electricity supplied to electricity consumers in Slovakia (except for electricity with a guarantee of origin from renewable sources) is supplied as a mix of electricity produced from all sources, including nuclear, gas or coal. Due to the environmental impact of the use of these energy sources, the electricity produced by them cannot be considered clean energy, i.e. energy with a minimal impact on the environment.